Does red mean that an apple is ripe?

Red AppleDoes red mean that an apple is ripe?Some apples are “naturally” redder than others. Many varieties turn red from being exposed to the sun. The “green” part of the apple is actually a better guide for determining ripeness. A yellowish-green colour will indicate that an apple is riper than those of the same variety which have a darker shade of green.

Are apples considered good for your health?

Healthy AppleAre apples considered good for your health?A medium sized apple (155 g) contains approximately 80 calories. Apples are fat free. One apple provides 20% of our recommended daily fiber amount: the same as a bowl of bran cereal. Apples are a good source of Vitamin C. The complex carbohydrates in apples give your body a longer, more even energy boost than high sugar snacks.

What apples are best for cooking right now?

Cooking ApplesWhat apples are best for cooking right now?With a few exceptions, use which ever apples are at their peak of ripeness as they have the best balance of flavours and sweetness. We haven’t met an apple yet that cannot be cooked in some way. It is a very subjective topic!

Are these apples organic or sprayed?

Organic ApplesAre these apples organic or sprayed?This question requires more than a yes or no answer. First is an explanation of the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, that some varieties are” low spray” and some apples are grown “organically”. However many people are not aware that an organically grown, good quality apple is potentially sprayed more than an IPM grown apple.

How old are apple trees before producing?

Apple TreeHow old are apple trees before producing?An apple tree is made by budding a certain apple variety with a particular rootstock. These two parts of a tree play a role in determining how long it will take for the tree to start growing apples. Generally, rootstocks that make smaller trees start producing apples sooner. Certain varieties will start growing apples sooner than others. So, a tree could start producing apples in 3 years or it could take as long as 12 years.

Will these apples get sweeter?

Sweet ApplesWill these apples get sweeter?Many apples, especially the apples suitable for storage, benefit from some “after-storage ripening time” to develop a more complex flavour. JonaGold, Northern Spy and Cortland are good examples.

Apple cider versus juice
…what’s the difference?

Apple CiderApple cider versus juice …what’s the difference?Apple cider is apple juice that has been filtered fewer times than pasteurized juice. It may be a brownish colour and appear cloudy. Fresh cider will keep refrigerated for a week. Like apple juice, cider can be pasteurized.

How long will these apples keep?

Keeping ApplesHow long will these apples keep?It depends on the variety and sometimes the season and every year is different. It’s a good idea to check with your apple grower for more specific information.