Tree Ripened Tastes Best

Island growers love variety. Here you’ll find the rare with the
common, dessert and culinary, each with its own unique
flavour. We have grouped our varieties into one of three seasons
being their time to be harvested and enjoyed. Our Growers
describe their orchard and the varieties produced and the
Grower & Apple Chart
gives a quick overview.


Sometimes called “summer” apples these are the ones that announce that the fresh-apple season is here! They are best eaten or cooked with right away as they don’t posses the qualities for good storage. <GROWER & APPLE CHART>
Yellow Transparent
Fruit is medium to large and greenish to yellow in colour. Mostly for sauces pies and cooking a Yellow Transparent is soft and usually tart.
Jersey Mac
Large red apple that is juicy and aromatic, somewhat similar to McIntosh but ripen almost one month earlier than them.
Vista Bella
Fruit is medium to large round with a red blush to completely red. This apple is crisp and juicy with a very good flavour. Good for sauce and cooking.
Red Free
A scab resistant variety that is growing in popularity. It’s a medium sized red apple that is firm and juicy with very good flavour.

As we move into September the evenings turn crisp and the “fall” varieties ripen. These apples have a longer shelf life then the early varieties. <GROWER & APPLE CHART>
Paula Red
A favourite early fall apple on PEI. It’s moderately sweet, very firm, juicy and versatile. It can also be stored for a short time.
Nova Mac
A medium sized, sweet, juicy, crisp, moderately firm apple that is similar to McIntosh and ripens just ahead of them.
A McIntosh-style apple generally believed to be better all round than its parent. Tasty, juicy, good for pies and sauce.
Locally known as gingercrisp. Usually large with a mild, sweet flavour. Very crisp and juicy. White flesh resists browning when cut.
Firm, crisp and juicy. Usually large and mostly red. Distinctive flavour when fully ripe. Excellent for both eating and cooking.

The best known apple varieties mature in the late season. These apples can be stored for use over the winter.
photo of McIntosh apple McIntosh
Popular apple that is aromatic, sweet and juicy. Medium to large mostly red fruit. The flesh is crisp yet tender. Skin may seem tough if overripe.
Golden Russet
Small, greenish with brownish russeting. Noted for its high eating quality. Prized for its ability to retain full flavour and juiciness after long storage.
photo of Cortland apple Cortland
Its non-browning flesh makes it excellent for salads. Crisp, juicy, becoming sweet when fully ripe. Usually large. A very good pie apple and stores well.
Small to medium sized yellow-orange, sometimes red apple. Frm, crisp, juicy and sweet. Aromatic and highly flavoured as it ripens. Stores very well.
Firm, juicy, very crisp apple. Mild flavour. Flesh has melting quality when eaten, reminiscent of watermelon. Stores very well under proper conditions.
Juicy, firm, crisp, usually large apple. Becomes quite sweet if allowed to ripen several weeks after picking. Very good for cooking and eating. Stores well.
Medium to sometimes large. Red to almost purple colour. White flesh that is mild, sweet, firm, crisp and juicy. Good storage potential.
One of the best pie apples. Large greenish-yellow to completely red in colour. Crisp, firm and moderately juicy with an “old fashioned” apple taste.
High-quality scab-resistant apple that has excellent flavour. Medium sized mostly red fruit that is aromatic crisp and juicy.

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